Sod Installers You Can Trust in Sioux City

The experts at Siouxland Sod know sod — and the Siouxland region — inside and out. This means that our highly-trained sod installers know exactly what it takes to keep your sod lawn lush, green, and thriving in our unique heartland conditions.


Premium Fescue Sod Providers

At Siouxland Sod, we grow one product: the highest-quality fescue sod available. While there are many different sod options out there, we know that fescue is the most durable, ideal option for the fickle Iowa climate.

Our fescue sod is a low-maintenance grass, and is known for having impressive cold, heat, and drought tolerance. When properly installed, fescue sod will stand up to the elements and everyday wear and tear. The benefits don’t stop at durability, though! Fescue is a fantastic choice for a beautiful, long-lasting lawn.

Let our expert sod installers do the work.

The experts here at Siouxland Sod know exactly how to install sod that works perfectly for your property and climate conditions. Contact us today to find out how a beautiful, durable new lawn can transform your property into your very own oasis.

Expert residential sod installation for an unforgettable lawn

As an experienced, reputable sod provider, Siouxland Sod ensures that our staff is properly and extensively trained, so that you can count on the product you receive. Our tried-and-true process is designed to ensure accuracy and success to make sure your lawn is as satisfying and low maintenance as possible.

It’s our main priority to provide you with a lawn that will thrive for years to come, which is exactly why we put so much focus on the sod we grow, and the experts we hire to install it.

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