Why Choose Sod From Siouxland Sod?

Siouxland Sod is your best choice for a dependable, durable, beautiful sod lawn. With in-depth knowledge of Siouxland and the Sioux City Metro Area, we are sod farmers who know exactly how to grow fescue that withstands our climate and thrives throughout its life.

Expert Sod Growers in Sioux City and Beyond

Our locally-grown fescue sod is grown, harvested, and installed by our trained professionals, ensuring that you get what you pay for: a healthy, lush lawn that stays green through even the toughest of conditions.

Fescue is a popular choice among homeowners, with roots that extend deeply into the soil for maximum nutrient efficiency, requiring less fertilizer than other similar grasses. This powerhouse grass, combined with our expert sod installation process, makes for a beautiful, long-lasting lawn.

  • Extensively-trained sod installation experts
  • High-quality sod, grown right here in Iowa
  • Top-notch sod maintenance and irrigation services
  • Durable, beautiful sod designed to thrive in the Siouxland region
  • Friendly customer service for a painless, efficient process

It’s Easy to Start

We want your sod installation experience to be one that is simple, enjoyable, and satisfying. Give us a call today to start the process, and we’ll find out exactly how a Siouxland Sod lawn fits into your life. With the highest-quality sod, customer service, and installation services in the region, we know you’ll be happy you called!



The first step to a perfect lawn is understanding exactly what your needs are. Our experts will evaluate and measure your property for efficiency and ideal growth.



One of the most important parts of a sod lawn is the installation. Our team is trained to install your fescue sod lawn so that it will thrive for as long as possible.



If you’d like help taking care of your new sod lawn, we offer maintenance and irrigation services for a pleasant, low-effort experience.

Interested in learning more about Siouxland Sod?

Request a free quote to see how a Siouxland Sod lawn fits into your life!

Request a free quote to see how a Siouxland Sod lawn fits into your life!