Order Sod in Sioux City

We know there are many types of sod available, but by choosing to specialize in high-quality fescue sod, Siouxland Sod is able to provide a sod installation experience that is second-to-none in quality, customer service, and satisfaction. Our trained sod installation experts will be there every step of the way, ensuring that your lawn will thrive through the changing Iowa seasons.


Local Grown

Our fescue sod is grown right here in Iowa, by veteran farmers with years of experience and intimate knowledge of our local climate and growing needs.


Fescue Sod Only

For us, there’s really only one option: locally-grown fescue sod. With deep roots and drought and temperature resistance, it’s the ideal choice.


Pre Emergent

Our fescue sod is treated with the highest-quality pre-emergent products, ensuring that your lawn is protected from weeds and other unwanted grasses.

Our Siouxland turf is only harvested once it’s fully mature.

Our goal is to provide you with a beautiful lawn that can stand the test of time, which means we won’t be cutting any corners when it comes to growing and harvesting our sod. We follow best practices at all times, making sure that we harvest our fescue sod when it’s fully mature and ready to be installed on your property.

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Request a free quote to see how a Siouxland Sod lawn fits into your life!

Request a free quote to see how a Siouxland Sod lawn fits into your life!