Siouxland Sod exclusively grows top-quality fescue sod

Premier Grower of Fescue Sod & Installation Services in Sioux City, IA

High-quality sod for residential and commercial lawns opening Spring 2022

High-quality sod for residential and commercial lawns

At Siouxland Sod, we are an experienced team of sod farmers with a long history of serving the Sioux City, IA area with the highest-quality sod for commercial and residential applications. Centrally located in beautiful Sioux City, our professionals own and operate a sod farm that exclusively grows fescue, an environmentally superior and durable type of sod that thrives in our Midwestern climate. Having our durable and high-quality fescue sod installed in your lawn is an easy way to beautify your lawn and fight off weeds, insects, and disease. Our friendly team of sod landscapers not only grows our fescue sod for sale but also installs and maintains it for local businesses and families. Reach out to our team today so that we can learn more about your needs and begin the process of beautifying your lawn.


Siouxland Sod exclusively grows top-quality fescue sod

At Siouxland Sod, we provide a turf that is carefully maintained and treated with the highest-quality fertilizer available, ensuring that you’ll love your lawn for years to come. We specialize in and exclusively grow fescue, which is environmentally superior and more durable than other sod options, like Kentucky Bluegrass.

What to Expect

Siouxland Sod is committed to going the extra mile to make sure that our clients not only receive the service that they ordered but are thrilled with the results. We aim to create a lasting relationship with our customers so that we’re not just the installation experts, we also provide ongoing maintenance and improvements when necessary. Our team is passionate about fescue sod, and we are proud to provide top-notch quality and service.


Why choose Siouxland Sod? We’re more than just a sod farm.

Our team of experts is skilled in not only the growing of sod but also the installation and maintenance of it. Working with Siouxland Sod is a full-service experience, and the technicians at our Sioux City, IA sod company will make sure your lawn meets your standards and stays beautiful for years.


Grow & Harvest Fescue

We focus our expertise on growing the best sod in the industry.


Expert Sod Installation

Our process ensures that sod is installed with care and accuracy.


Exceptional Service

Our friendly, knowledgeable team is always happy to help.

Our Sod Installation Process

Once you have scheduled a fescue sod installation with our professionals, we’ll visit your home or business and complete a process known as “measure twice, cut once.” A Siouxland Sod technician will ensure that your lawn is measured accurately, so that your fescue is delivered quickly, efficiently, and without waste. To get started with the installation process, contact our friendly technicians today.

After Sod Installation Lawn Care

After the initial sod installation occurs, your fescue will require additional care and maintenance so that it remains beautiful and healthy. Because Siouxland Sod provides a full-service experience, we also care for and maintain your sod, giving it practical use for years on end.

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Request a free quote to see how a Siouxland Sod lawn fits into your life!

Request a free quote to see how a Siouxland Sod lawn fits into your life!

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