How Much to Water Fescue Sod in Sioux City

One of the most common questions that we receive at Siouxland Sod after we first install fescue sod into a home or business is related to how much the sod needs to be watered. How much to water fescue sod is also an important thing to know to keep your lawn as healthy and green as it was the day we first installed the fescue sod.

At Siouxland Sod, we aim to install the highest-quality, most durable, and most beautiful fescue sod into your lawn. Not only is our product high-quality, at the same time, but we also provide friendly, professional, and flexible service. Here is an overview of the watering requirements of fescue sod.

New Sod Watering Tips

How much to water fescue sod will depend on the age of the sod and when it was first installed. New sod should be irrigated as soon as the sodding process is finished. This is something that our technicians can help with. The top one or two inches of the sod should be kept constantly moist, which can mean watering several times per day. Sod should not be allowed to dry out until it has been solidly rooted. This process can take up to three weeks, depending on the weather and time of year.

One way to tell if your new sod requires watering is by peeling back a corner of your new sod and touching the ground underneath. The water should have penetrated through the soil layer of the new sod and the ground should be moist with a slight give when you walk across it. Your goal at this stage is to keep new sod wet like a sponge until the roots form and you can feel resistance below your feet.

Heat Transfer Tip

If your new sod is located close to a paved surface, the heat from that surface can transfer to the new sod and dry it out. For this reason, be sure to pay close attention to the watering needs of newly laid sod around driveways and sidewalks.

Don’t Rely on Rainfall

While it can be tempting to assume that rainfall will provide enough water for your lawn, this is not always the case. Instead, obtain a gauge to measure how much it rains during a storm. Continue to sample under your sod rolls to see if the ground is wet under the sod after it rains. If it is wet, it has rained enough; if not, place a sprinkler out.

Weather Considerations

If the weather is cloudy and slightly cooler than normal, your new sod will dry out slower. On the other hand, sunny, dry days often mean that you’ll need to water your sod more frequently. In high heat, especially with tall fescue, brand new sod may need to be watered at least two to three times per day to stay moist.

Sioux City Sod Installation

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